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November 20, 2019 - By Bredet Services

Sometimes, when system admins mistakenly delete system batch jobs, such as ‘Named user license count report processing’, ‘Report data clean up’ and ‘Automatic role assignments’ from the system, they can’t add them back from the front-end batch jobs form. These jobs are created when you implement the system. These jobs can only be added from the AOT.

To add them back, please follow the below steps:

1.    Go to the AOT window [Press CTRL+D].

2.    Right click ‘Jobs’ and select ‘New Job’.

3.    Paste the following code into the code window:

staticvoidCreateSystemJobs(Args _args)






info(“Batch jobs created”);


4.    Click ‘Save’ to save the method.

5.    Click ‘Go’ to run the job.

6.    After its successfully compiled and ran, the batch jobs will be created.

7.    You can verify by opening the batch job form [System Administrator > Inquiries > Batch Jobs > Batch Jobs] and change the reoccurrence according to your requirements.

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