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October 2, 2018 - By Joe Messom

I recently ran into a situation where I couldn’t confirm a purchase order in a demo environment I was working on. When I went to confirm the purchase order the icon was greyed out.

After searching around AX 2012 I found the setting that was causing this. The environment had “change management” turned on for this company. When change management is turned on it must be used in combination with a workflow to control it, in this case the flag was turned on for change management but no workflow was created.

The highlighted parameter (Activate Change Management)  is what determines if change management will be used.  More information on change management can be found at the following link:

**NOTE: Unfortunately, once a purchase order is created with this option on there is no easy way to fix it. The best way would be to delete the created purchase order, change the setting to No if you don’t want to use change management and then create a new purchase order.

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