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November 16, 2018 - By Remington Hall

Hello and welcome. This blog is going to show how to view an item list from a Sales Order.

I previously wrote a blog on how to create an item list, item lists become useful when you have a customer that calls and asks for their regular. Instead of trying to figure out what the order is you can add these items to an Item list and you can view or copy from an item list to a Sales Order directly.

One thing to keep in mind is that an item list needs to be maintained manually. It will not pick up automatically from the system. It will also not pick up special pricing from trade agreements and etc. Prices need to be added manually. A Customer Service Representative can then create a Sales Order and add the items on the item list instead of entering them in one by one.

  1.     Click Sales and Marketing> Common > Sales Orders > All sales orders.
  2.     Create a New Sales Order
  3.     On the Sales order linesFastTab click on any line and click Sales order line > Copy > From item list.


Sales Order Example

  1.     In the Item list form, select the item list to add to the sales order.

Item Lists Example

  1.     This is where you can view the items and the quantity that you have manually entered.
  2.     If you are adding more than one item list to the sales order, click Copy. Keep in mind this will not transfer any of the prices you have assigned on your item.
  3.     Repeat this step to add more item lists.

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