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December 19, 2018 - By Bredet Services

This post will illustrate the setup that is required when a Customer overpays or underpays an invoice. In the Accounts receivable parameters, you can set up what the maximum penny difference is.

For this exercise I have it set the maximum penny difference to $1.00, this means that for every payment that comes in $1.00 short or $1.00 more than the invoice AX will consider as a “penny difference” and will post the difference to the “penny difference account” (set up in the accounts for automatic transactions form). If the discrepancy between the payment and the invoice is more than $1.00 it will be left on the Customer account.

  1. Click on Accounts receivable/Setup/Accounts receivable parameters.
  2. In Accounts Receivable parameters select Settlement.
  3. In the Settlement tab, in the Maximum penny difference enter the dollar value of allowed over/under payment.
    • The Maximum overpayment or underpayment will fill in automatically.
    • For the sake of this exercise, I have chosen an amount of $1.00.
      Accounts Receivable Parameters
  4. Go into Accounts Receivable and create a Cash Receipt Journal.
    Enter Customer Payments
  5. In the Amount enter the amount of the payment and select the invoice you would like to post the payment against.
  6. Click on Save in Journal.
    Journal Voucher
  7. Review the Journal and select Post.
  8. Once you post the journal an Infolog will pop up with the message below.

Here are the postings it creates.  The Sales Invoice was for the amount of $9.20. The Customer payment was for $9.00. The $0.20 cent difference went into a Penny Difference account.
Customer Transaction


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