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October 11, 2018 - By Bredet Services

Hello and welcome, this blog is going to show you how to setup “Item Lists” for Customers. If any of the scenarios below apply to you, this is a must read!

  • You have a Customer that frequently orders the same items, and you wish there was a list of the items you could select from instead of having to enter them one by one.
  • You have had a Customer call in wanting the usual order but you forgot what it was.

Say hello to Item Lists, a list of items that you can create for a Customer showing items they order. A Customer Service Representative can then create a Sales Order and add the items on the item list instead of entering them in one by one.
**One thing to be aware of is that if the item has special pricing or trade agreements against it, item lists will not pick it up. 

For the purposes of this blog, we are going to keep things simple,  we are going to create 1 item list with two items. There will be another blog on how to view these item lists on a Sales order.

Create Item Lists

1.    Click Sales and marketing > Setup > Item list.

2.    Click New

3.    Enter a description for the Item list in Description.

4.    In the Items Tab Click Add

5.    Click Dimensions to add dimension information to the item.

  • For some items you may need to add Configuration, size, colour and style

6.    Once you have added all your items select Item List generation on top.

7.     In the Generation Type select whether you want this list to be valid for number of days or a number of orders.

8.    In the Value Field, enter the number of days or orders you would like to keep this item list valid for.

9.    In the Minimum quantity field, enter the minimum quantity of items that must be ordered to be included in the list.

  • For example, if you enter 5, only order lines that include five or more units of an item will be included in the item list.

10.    In the Customer Account select the Customer you want to create this list for.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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