November 21, 2018 - By Bredet Services

Sales order delivery date logic can be really useful in helping your customer service staff identify the available delivery dates for a manufactured or make-to-order product and in turn help manage your customer’s expectations for delivery.

CTP logic first considers the made-to-order product’s available inventory. If none is currently available, the logic will then explode the lines of the formula/BOM to consider the following:

  1. On-Hand availability of components inside the BOM/Formula
  2. Lead times of the required components with no on-hand availability
  3. Route “Run Time” assigned to BOM/Formula
  4. Working time on the Calendar assigned to the resource

The calculated (CTP) lead time is then automatically calculated on the Sales order line in the requested ship date field.

There are a few prerequisites as well as some basic setup that we’ll need for this to work properly:

  1. Dynamic Master Plan assigned in Master Planning Parameters
  2. Coverage group with future messages enabled
  3. Assign Coverage Group to Item
  4. Default Order Settings
  5. Resource Creation with Calendar
  6. Route Approval and Activation
  7. BOM Approval and Activation

1. Dynamic Master Plan Setup with Futures Messages Active
USMF > Master Planning > Setup > Plans > Master Plans

Master Planning Dynamics 365

Ensure this new Dynamic plan is assigned to master planning parameters by going to:
USMF > Master Planning > Setup > Master Planning Parameters

Master Planning Parameters

2. Coverage group setup with futures messages and assigned to our item (D0002 – Cabinet).
USMF > Master Planning > Setup > Coverage > Coverage groups

Coverage Groups

3. Assign Coverage Group to Item.

Items Coverage

4. Default Order Settings
The Default order type should be set to “Production”. Then on the Sales order tab, select “CTP” in the Delivery Date Control field and make sure the ‘sales lead time’ is set to 0 days.

Default Order Settings

Default Order Settings 2

Note: The “ATP” fields below delivery date control will be ignored – see further explanation by hovering over these fields.


5. Create a Resource and Assign a calendar (Production calendar has an 8-hour workday)
USMF > Organization Administrations > Resources > Resources


6. Create a Route for the item
In this case, I’ll add just one operation with a 48hr run time. I’ve also selected our new resource “RES1” on the resource requirements for the operation and approved/activated the route.


7. BOM Approval and Activation
In this case, our BOM requires three items in order to create the Speaker Cabinet:

BOM Line

CTP Calculation:
Create a new Sales order and select our D0002 – Cabinet on the line.

Sales Order Example

Press CTRL+S, this will save the line and open the “Available to Ship and receipt Dates” form:

Available Ship and Receipt Dates

The system now shows that our requested delivery date, along with the next 5 days, are unavailable (warning signs).

This is on account of the system using the 48hrs of processing time on the route for this item in combination with an 8-hour calendar on the resource, to calculate a required time of 6 working days to deliver for this Sales order.

Very cool!

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