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August 2, 2017 - By Remington Hall

Marketing unrecognized topics may sound like a difficult task in capturing one’s attention, but the answer is quite simple. Let customers know how you are going to solve their problems. What do you bring to the table that competitors don’t? Find the answer and use this as your leading point.

Colours have shown a Significant impact on consumer’s purchasing behavior, look to see if your advertisements are showing colours that may lead to unwanted emotions. If so, simple alterations may show a significant impact on your success.

After reading this maybe you realized commonalities… like fast food logos consisting mainly of red or yellow? These aren’t coincidences, these are strategically used to appeal to the target market; pulling desired emotions.

Colour is a consumer’s first impression, and it has been proven most purchasing decisions are based on first impressions (85%). It takes a consumer approximately 90 seconds to make a set opinion on a product/ brand with a large amount related directly back to colour associations.

Another marketing tip is taking advantage of free tools available that can help you to manage your marketing impacts, such as social media combined into one platform on Hootsuite, or Google Analytics showing you how often customers visit your website and what pages have a high bounce rate (how often individuals visit a page and take no interactions before reading).

The dashboard of Hootsuite is shown below, these accounts are free up to three platforms and are very useful in staying organized. Here you can select the platforms you would like to post to, as well as create schedules dependent on your desired time of the post to be sent. You are able to like, comment, follow/unfollow, retweet etc. all within this one tool.

In note, you’re not losing any features from the regular platforms, although you are gaining a large amount of accessibility!
Another helpful free tool is Google Analytics, which tracks and reports website traffic. Enabling you to check things like the average amount of time spent by a website visitor, what they visit, exit rates, as well as analytics on things like location and language. These aspects help to see which pages of your website need to be altered to appeal to viewers. If changes are made successfully the Google Analytics results will resemble the improvements.

Applying these simple tips may show an impact on your marketing success.

More tips to come! Thank you for reading.

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