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November 23, 2017 - By Bredet Services

1.     General ledger > Periodic > Journals > Periodic journals.

2.     Click on New.

3.     In the dropdown under Name click GLRECURRIN journal type.

4.     In the top ribbon click Lines.

5.     Click New.

6.     In the date field select the date.

7.     Click on the dropdown arrow on Account Type and select the type of Account.

8.     In the Description field add a description for the journal.

9.     Enter the Amount you would like to debit or credit in the journal.

***if your journal amount has taxes this is the amount INCLUDING taxes***

10. Click on the Units dropdown and select the unit of measure for the period.

a. Would you like to post in days or months?

11. In the Number or Units field select how often you would like the journal posted.

a. For example: If you would like to post the journal once a month the unit would be months and the Number of units would be 1.

b. If you would like to generate quarterly postings Units would be months and the Number of Units would be 3.

Follow step 12-14 if the journal has Sales tax. Keep in mind the amount is INCLUDING taxes.

12. Click General

13. Under Sales Tax in the Sales tax group field select the group and in the Item Sales Tax group select ALL

14. To see how much taxes are allocated select Sales Tax on the ribbon on top.

15. Click File then save.

We have generated a period journal. Now we have to post them.

How to post Periodic Journals.

16. General ledger > Journals > General journal

17. Click New.

18. Click Lines.

19. Click on Period Journal.

20. Click on Retrieve Journal.

21.  On the To Date: Select the date of the Journal you would like to post. Be very weary of what date you select. If you open a journal you have to post it because the ones you do not post will get deleted.

a. For example: If I had Journals for January, February, March and I put the dates so I can view January and February but decided only to post January. I would have to redo a journal for February because the next journal available to post will be March.

22. In the Periodic Journal Number Drop down you can select your periodic journal.

23.  In the Copy or move journal Select Copy if you would just like to copy the periodic journal to the voucher. Select Move, if you would like to move the journal to after it has been posted.

24. Click Ok and the details of the journal will appear in the Journal Voucher form. Here you can edit the Journal lines.

25. Click Post >Post

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