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October 10, 2017 - By Bredet Services

Hello, the information in this blog can be used to print out Accounts Receivable statements for one legal entity. Each statement can be customized to include information from a specific date range. Furthermore, the statement can display past, current, and future balances. Keep in mind once the reports are generated, the system will output one popup per customer.

Keep an eye out for a future blog on ‘How to get AX to email statements to customers on a recurring basis’ and ‘How to print out Customer Statements across multiple legal entities’.

Follow these Steps:

1. Select the address Accounts receivable from the Address bar by clicking the navigation path arrows.

2. Click Area Page node: Accounts receivable -> Reports -> External -> Customer account statement.

  • Form name: Customer account statement

3. Switch to the General tab on the Customer account statement form.

4. Under Criteria select the range of dates for which you would like the transaction activity included on the report.

  • Click the Only Open checkbox to only include transactions that are not settle
  • Click the Balance other than zero check box if you would like to avoid printing customers who have $0 balances.
  • Click on the Include Reversed to include reversed transactions.
  • Click Show maturity distribution to include maturity distribution at the bottom of the statement. You can select it to be based on a pre-existing Aging period or manually setup maturity distribution.

5. Click the OK button.

6. After you click OK your statements will appear. Keep in mind that every customer will have its own popup.

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