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August 4, 2017 - By Debbie Breuls

Following these 7 tips on your way to success.

 1. Automate your business processes

  • Invoicing
  • Month end processing and closing
  • Streamline your routine activities

2. One user experience

  • Users need to be free to work from anywhere
  • Allow freedom to create, share and collaborate virtually or on site
  • One user experience across all business units

3. Realize the critical needs of the business

  • Recognize your top business priorities
  • Adapt to change easily and readily
  • Improving products and services will ultimately increase customer satisfaction

4. Review internal controls frequently

  • Can users make one sided entries?
  • Is your system auditable?
  • Greater control will reduce fraud
  • Is your accounting, inventory, purchasing and customer service fraud free? How do you know?

5. Is your company working lean?

  • Do you have more than one database of information?
  • Do your resources have to track in more than one area rather than sharing information?
  • Have your reviewed business processes lately? Waste is everywhere.

6. Plan, plan, plan – be prepared

  • Operating systems change
  • Users are added
  • Database grows
  • Customer service is affected
  • Data redundancy
  • Flexibility today in how you use solutions

7. What is your risk tolerance?

If your system went down – how long would you be able to run your business?

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