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Business central allows you to transfer items between location. There are two ways this can be accomplished: Transfer Order or alternatively the item reclassification journal can be used.

When using the Transfer Order method, you ship the outbound transfer from one location and receive the inbound transfer at the other location. This helps mange the warehouse activities and provides more certainty and accuracy when updating inventory quantity.

If using the reclassification journal method, the user would simply fill in the Location code and the new location code of the item(s). When the journal is posted, the item ledger entries are adjusted per the location(s) in question. In comparison to the Transfer Order method, the reclassification journal does not manage warehouse activities.

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate both methods.

To transfer items with a transfer order

  1. Choose the search icon in the top right and enter Transfer Order and then choose the related link.

Transfer order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central

  1. Click New
  2. On the Transfer Order page, fill in the fields as needed. When hovering over a field, a short description of the field will be displayed.

Fill Fields

  1. Populate the Transfer from Code and the Transfer To Code.
    Populate transfer codes Business Central
  2. In the Lines section, enter the ITEM ID that is being transferred to a new location. Fill in the quantity field with the number of units you would like to transfer.

Item Id Business Central d365

  1. In the navigation menu, click on Posting and select Post

posting d365 business central

  1. Select Ship and click OK

shipping d365 business central

**The items are now in transfer to the new location according to the specified transfer route.
receiving business central

  1. Choose the Post action, choose the Receive option, and then press OK button

Transfer items with the Item Reclassification Journal

  1. Choose the search icon in the top right and enter Item reclass Journal and then choose the related link.

Item reclass journal business central

  1. Choose a related Batch Name or keep the DEFAULT value
  2. With the cursor in the Posting Date field, type in T and move to a new field to select today’s date or enter a different date.
  3. Type in the document name or keep the default TRANSFER 1 name.
  4. Populate the Item No. field by using the drop-down.
  5. Populate the Location Code and New Location code
  6. Populate the Quantity

Quantity field business central d365

  1. Click on the Post/Print menu button and select

post and print in business central d365

  1. Press Yes and then OK.

In conclusion, as shown in the examples above, Business Central contains easy to interpret fields and buttons that allow a task such as transferring items from one location to another be accomplished with ease. The well-designed UI in Business Central allows for the user to see the same type of menu in multiple screens which makes it easier to use and less confusing.

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