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August 29, 2017 - By Remington Hall

Scroll to the bottom and click “try our limited free plan

  • This will give you access to 3 social media platforms at once
  • If you want to add more than 3 monthly subscriptions will apply

Fill in your information to start your free account

Click the Social Media Platforms you would like to set up by typing in your account log in information and authorizing the Hootsuitapp.

Once you set up your desired social media platforms your dashboard should look something like this:

 To make a social media post click compose message at the top

Here there are many options

1.      Paper Clip= Attach Media

2.      Calendar= Scheduling

3.      Add Location

4.      Targeting Options

5.      Privacy Options


Next Select Which Platforms you would like to post to, you can see at the bottom the character count is now visible.

You now have the option to Send Now or Schedule for a later timeà helping to have consistent posts


You’ve just sent your first Social Media post through Hootsuite.

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