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December 18, 2018 - By Bredet Services

Are your reports going straight to the printer, wasting countless pieces of paper, ink, and time walking to and from the printer? Check out the steps below to learn how to change your Print Destination in Sage 300 (Accpac).

First, we are going to set up a user without rights to change their print destination.

1. Within the Sage 300 main screen go to Administrative Services à User and create or select an existing user, for this example we have called it SAMPLE

2. You will then need to go to Administrative Services à Security Groups à Application: Administrative Services and either create a new group or edit an existing one for this example we are using Group ID ASST for Assistants. You will need to ensure the “Change Print Destination” is checked, press Save and Close.

3. You will now need to go and ensure the Security Group is assigned to the User in User Authorizations. Administrative Services à User Authorizations

NOTE: You will need to have the user close Sage 300 and reopen and log in to see the change.

4. Now when you go to Home à Print Destination (for older versions File à Print Destination) or by double clicking on the little printer icon in the bottom right hand corner you can change the destination to Preview instead of Printer

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