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August 2, 2017 - By Joe Messom

Process Manufacturing is one of the most complex industries and an industry that has very real challenges that can actually change overnight.

Take Gluten as an example.  According to research firm “Packaged Facts”, this industry will grow from 4.2 billion in 2012 to 6.6 billion by 2017!  Are you ready for this?  What about other emerging markets like Latin America and Asia?  With rising incomes, these markets have been more interested in Western foods so have you researched exporting options.

Food safety is also at the top of the list.  What would happen to your business if there was a recall and consumers got sick or even died?  Are you prepared to provide the information to government sources as required?  If not, this is an area that cannot be overlooked, especially by company leaders and directors.  It is your responsibility to keep the public safe.

Process Manufacturers also have to understand some of the following commonalities and as a company talk about them and take action.


  • How do you determine the right product mix?
  • How do you know what makes you money and what doesn’t?
  • How visible is the inventory in your facility?
  • What processing methods do you use to speed delivery of products to retailers or distributors?
  • How do you track lots?
  • What do you do when there is a recall? How quickly can you get the information?
  • How easy is warehouse automation and how would it help if you had it?
  • How do you protect the company against changes in raw material pricing?
  • Are you dependant on one of your largest customers?
  • What happens if their business goes away?
  • Do you want to increase sales volumes and not head count?
  • What do you do about understanding buying habits and how easily can you change?
  • What have you done to reduce costs overall and increase inefficiencies?
  • When was the last time you changed your internal business solutions?

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