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October 17, 2017 - By Bredet Services

We recently had a client who wanted to receive goods as quickly as possible off the delivery trucks as to open the receiving door for further deliveries. They also needed the option to put the received goods to two different receiving staging areas, depending on the product, before moving them to their final location in the warehouse.

The trouble here is that AX will not allow 2 put actions on a PO Receipt while also using the Unit Sequence and Unit Conversions of the item to assign license plates to less than pallet amounts during receipt. The quickest way to receive goods off the trucks in their case was to use the “Purchase Order Line Receiving” mobile device menu option. By using the “Line” rather than “Item” receiving option, we eliminate the need to type in lengthy Item IDs, instead opting to enter the PO line number on the order and having AX sort out which item and item details it’s expecting to receive.

The first thing you’ll need is a simple work template, that defines the pick/put actions and Work Class ID that is available to the mobile device to perform the work.

Warehouse Management > Setup > Work > Work Templates:

Once we’ve created the work template (We’ll be using the highlighted one), we can move onto setting up the mobile device.

Warehouse Management > Setup > Mobile Device > Mobile Device Menu Items:

A few things to note here:

  1. Using Purchase Order Line receiving, will require that a default receipt location is set on the warehouse you intend to receive into (setup in Warehouse Management > Setup > Warehouse Setup > Warehouses under the Inventory and Warehouse Management Fast Tab for the specific warehouse you intend to use
  2. Marking the “License Plate Grouping” box, tells AX that you would like for AX to use the Unit Sequence Groups (setup in Warehouse Management > Setup > Warehouse Setup > Unit Sequence Groups and assigned to the items on the released product details form under the Warehouse Management FastTab) assigned to the item to allow, in combination with the Unit Conversions set on the item, grouping of items onto a pallet with a single license plate.
  1. Marking the “Generate License Plate” box, tells AX that when you receive the items onto the pallet, you would like AX to automatically generate a license plate base on the number sequence assigned in Organization Administration > Common > Number Sequences > Number Sequences.
  2. The work template that we setup earlier should also be assigned to direct AX on how we would like to create this work.

The next step is to create the second mobile device menu option to move the inventory from the default receipt location assigned on the warehouse to the receiving staging zones. For this, we’ll go back the Mobile Device Menu Items and create the new Put Away Option:

Warehouse Management > Setup > Mobile Device > Mobile Device Menu Items:

 A few more notes:

  1. Using System grouping/Grouping Field means that we can identify the PO we want to receive by scanning the barcoded PO number from the order. You can also assign this a label (System Grouping Label) that makes it a bit more human readable on the mobile device as to what AX is expecting to be entered.
  2. I’ve allowed the user to “Override the Target License Plate”, as in this case the customer will be affixing a pre-printed License plate of their own making to the pallet at this point, which can then be scanned in to the system.
  3. I’ve also allowed “Override of the License Plate during Put”, which allows the worker to amalgamate items onto a destination pallet already license plated at a location if they want to. This works hand in hand with the “Allow splitting of work”, in the case that there is a few of an item that can be consolidated onto an existing pallet, while the rest of need to be put in an overstocking location.

 Finally, we’ll need a location directive to give AX the information on which staging zone we’d like items to go to once they’re being moved from the default receipt location.

Warehouse Management > Setup > Location Directives:

 We’ll need to edit the query for the location directive to ensure AX knows which items (in this case all items in cost group “M1”) are used in this action, so we can click edit query and fill in that information:

We’ll then need to edit the “Location Directive Actions” to tell AX which zone we would like these materials to be moved to, in this case Zone 1:

Note: For each different item grouping or zone you like to differentiate, a new location directive entry would need to be created to direct AX on what items should be directed to which zone.

At this point, you’re ready to test out your new Mobile Device Menu for “Purchase Order Line Receiving” and “Purchase Put Away” to the Staging Zones!

Note: The last put away step from Staging Zones to final destinations in the warehouse will require a third menu option linked to an inventory movement template and will be covered in an upcoming blog.

Simon Bradford

ERP Consultant

Bredet Services Inc.

905-337-7233 x 225

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