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August 10, 2017 - By Debbie Breuls

You can read lots of documents, mainly written by consultants or publishers that talk about “how to buy an ERP”, we even have one. However, with my 34 years’ experience in this business, it’s not about the “how”, it’s about the “who”.  Who in your company has the expertise to make a buying decision?
Once you’ve realized that you need to make changes to your current infrastructure, I would suggest that you reach out to firms in your area that offer business solutions and then interview them. If you trust the relationship this will be the start of a mutually rewarding business relationship. In this day and age, solutions with the same price points will have very similar features and functions so who really cares which one has the “best this” or the “best that”. Trust your gut and their expertise and it will be a win/win!

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