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February 6, 2019 - By Bredet Services

Hello, and welcome to this blog. This blog is going to be about some tricks to help maneuver around Business Central.

  1. Use Escape to go back to the role center

In Business Central every time you search something new or select another action a “pop-up” will appear. The popup will appear on top of the previously opened action. To go back to the role center, you can select Esc. Every time you hit the Esc button it will close one pop up.

  1. Search within pages

The search or Tell me what you want to do in Business Central is a pretty powerful tool. Not only can you search anything in Business Central you can also perform a search on the page you are on. For example, let’s say I am on the customer card but I would like to create a Sales Order for it. I can either find it on the action or I can use the Tell me what you want to do and have it search the Customer card for me.

  1. Make the columns bigger

In the picture, the Sales Type column is not very visible. You can only view certain portions of words in there. To extend this column so you can view the full/most of the data in is to personalize it.

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. Click on Personalize

  3. Click on right side of the column (the grey line) you would like to expand and drag it to your optimal location.
  4. Click Done.

Note: You can also use the Personalize action in Business Central to add more columns.

  1. Drill down into data (Flow fields)

In Business Central it is easy to drill down into data. Any data that is shown in a blue colour font you can select it to drill down into it. If I select the $5,573.69 under balance ($) that will show me all the transactions that make up that amount. If I select the -$18.65 under Balance due ($) that will show me all the transactions that make up that number and etc.

  1. Get rid of the FactBox Pane

Although the fact boxes can be pretty useful from time to time. However, there comes that time where you would rather it just disappear for a little bit. Click on the  icon to make the FactBox disappear. If you click on it again it will make it reappear.

Happy Learning!

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