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October 20, 2017 - By Remington Hall

To make a new page: click pages on the left-hand side of the screen, then click “New Page”.

Next it will ask you what type of page you want to create, in this case “blank page”.

You will then create a name for your page, the suggested “New Page”.

You will notice your new page is now shown in the navigation bar.

You are able to hide the page from navigation through the pages tab.

Or by using the 3 dots located on the left side of the page to drag the page to the desired location.

For instance, in a drop down (Under ABOUT).

Once your page is created, you will want to go to the widget section of the menu bar. Here you can drag widgets to your page.

You will notice when hovering the widget over a row it will light up in blue to indicate where it will be placed.

You can now type in your text and change the font as desired in the task bar (appears when the text box is clicked).

Other widgets may have more options, for instance and icon.

Clicking the icon will give you multiple options.

The design tab will allow you to change more visual features for instance, colour, size, and effects.

You’ve successfully added widgets to your new web page!

Although Duda will automatically save your content you may now publish the content for the public by clicking “Republish” found in the top right corner.

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