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August 2, 2017 - By Sarah Breuls

We’ve all gotten this pesky message at some point. In this blog, I will explain all the tips and tricks of troubleshooting this error.
1) Right click on the program and run as the administrator.
2) If this doesn’t work check to ensure that you can access the Data Shared Directory. You can find the path of the Shared Directory by going into Sage 300 (Accpac) home screen and click Help –> System Information
b. Then go to your Windows Explorer and type in the path

c. If you can’t access this folder it is because your user profile does not have the rights to access, a user MUST have rights to access this folder as this is where the License files sit, if a workstation can’t see the license files you will get the error. If you can access this file then keep digging a little bit further.


3) Next, we will want to check that the ODBC connection has not been broken. To check this, if your machine is a 32-bit machine you will simply go to the Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Data Sources ODBC you will want to right click and run this as Administrator.

If you are running a 64-bit operating system you will go to the My Computer–>  Windows –> SysWOW64 –> odbcad32. Again, you will want to run this program as Administrator

Open this and click on the second tab System DSN and then double click on the instance set up for the Sage 300 (Accpac)
b. Ensure that the SQL database that is configured here is correct and click Next.
c. Type in the SA password for the SQL server and click Next.
d. On this screen, you should not need to change any configurations. Click Next.
e. Again here, you should not need to configure anything. Click Finish
f. You will want to test that the Data Source is working by clicking Test Data Source… and ensure it tests successfully. Click Ok and then close out of the Data Sources ODBC screens.
g.Now go and test Sage 300 (Accpac) to see if you are still getting the same error. Go get yourself a well-deserved coffee and call your System Administrator.

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