Distribution is the path a product or service is required to take in order to reach the end user. This can be done as a direct channel, that allows consumers to buy directly from the manufacturer. Or as an indirect channel whereby the manufacturer moves the product through distributors, wholesalers or retailers.

Due to advancements in technology, distribution is becoming an ever-changing environment with companies building automated back-end systems to move product quickly and maximize their distribution potential. In order to leverage distribution and ultimately increase the bottom line, a real-time view of inventory positioning and movement throughout your distribution channels is an absolute necessity. Automation of distribution including EDI and E-commerce support sales and purchasing from supplier to end user, adding critical flexibility without the additional cost of more staff.

Why distribution customers love Bredet

Sam Dunston

Controller - Global Fuels

Bredet is always available when I need them and able to take care of each and every issue. They are professional, courteous, and efficient. I feel I am getting very good value for my money.

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