There are many different Non-Profit organizations that have specific requirements from an ERP solution. These will include databases for donors, memberships, volunteers, speakers and sometimes even items. Today many of these organizations have already implemented the donor/membership databases with some of the best in the industry, so the next step is to integrate the financial information back into your ERP.

You will require a way to handle and manage funds whereby you separate funds for different projects or campaigns, as well as a way to easily report this information to your boards. Grant management is another aspect which reporting is crucial as there are multiple programs at varying times offered by different funding groups. With excellent reporting, you will be able to go after repeat grants and base it on information already tracked. Fundraising is critical to any Non-Profit, it is important to keep track of donor information, when and how they donate to your organization and what they’ve donated in the past. Again, with the data tracked, it will offset future fundraising campaign activities.

Your ERP solution will have many ways of distributing information and reports. You need to understand what types of reports you need and when they need to be generated. Do you want cloud reports, emailed reports, business intelligence tools or spreadsheets? You need to be able to do budgets against actuals and ensure that when the Board meets, you have the information at your fingertips.