Warehouse management systems allow your organization to run more efficiently in three areas: your people, the right infrastructure, and real-time visibility into inventory. Warehouse management systems can automatically direct workers to the correct locations and products, avoiding costly shipping errors. While warehouse modeling, real-time inventory visibility, and operational insights can be delivered directly to management, ensuring decisions are readily made and supported by the most up-to-date information.

Full traceability, including lot and serial tracking, supports inquiries back to original vendor purchases, simplifies the recall and replacement of products and ensures time-sensitive items are shipped in order of expiry, avoiding product waste. With the demand for more accurate traceability rising dramatically, a warehouse management system ensures you are prepared for the “unexpected” at all times.

For those that hold consignment inventory or act as a 3PL service provider, warehouse management enables customers to access the inventory system directly, and are supported by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Why warehouse management customers love Bredet

Owen Lane

Operation Manager - Lane Sales
lane sales logo

As a 3rd party warehouse, we see a lot of stock come through our doors on a daily basis. We also have a unique business in that we have several different trading partners and work in the middle between the manufacturing and retail. This makes things highly complex and Bredet has handled this well. We were using an outdated inventory management system, and Bredet helped us pick the right system for our needs. We have streamlined our processes, and our customers are impressed with our higher level of service. When new clients are looking at us as a possible solution for their logistics needs, they are impressed by our new integration capabilities. In the ever-changing world, the need for EDI is more needed and to be able to cater to any need is critical in the success today. A once hated job – inventory counts – is now one of our favourite tasks because our numbers are always precise. Additionally, at times Bredet has often dealt directly with our customers and we were never worried about professionalism. We are now in-line with our customers’ needs, thanks to Bredet’s services.

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